Quicklinks for Apprenticeship Sponsors

How to register an apprentice

  1. Have apprentices complete Participant Data and Apprenticeship Agreement.
  2. Apprentice and Sponsor sign the Apprenticeship Agreement.
  3. Return both items to:  Apprenticeship RI, Lori.Turchetta@dlt.ri.gov or One Acorn Street, Providence, RI 02903

RAPIDS 2.0– National Apprenticeship Registration System

  1. Apprenticeship Sponsors receive a login to RAPIDS 2.0.
  2. You maintain your apprentice records through this web based system
  3. Sponsors can create your Apprenticeship Agreements for each apprentice with RAPIDS.  That way all the information on the Agreement will exactly match the database.
  4. Sponsors can designate additional staff to have a RAPIDS account by contacting Apprenticeship RI.
  5. Our American Apprenticeship Initiative grant requires RI to collect some additional information about participants beyond the data captured by RAPIDS.  For this reason we ask for the Participant Data, Completion, and Cancellation forms in addition to RAPIDS.

Probationary period

  1. The probationary period is defined in your Standards and on the Apprenticeship Agreement.  If an apprentice is not a good fit for your program, you should address this prior to the end of the probationary period.  Please contact us if we can help supporting the apprentice’s success or helping them find a more suitable job placement.
  2. You should make any decisions for giving Credit for Prior Education or Experience by the end of the probationary period.  Document this decision in the apprentices records.  
  3. Collect your $1,000 per apprentice incentive (up to 5 per employer) for non-trade apprentices who have completed their probationary period.

When an apprentice leaves for any reason

  1.  Return the completed Cancellation to Apprenticeship RI.
  2.  If the apprentice may be interested in transferring to another apprenticeship or finding employment, please invite them to contact Apprenticeship RI.

Time to Graduate.  How do I Complete an apprentice?

Please return this Completion Certification and we will prepare official Certificates of Completion for you to present.  You may request certificates in anticipation of graduation so that you may present them upon completion.

Give us Feedback.

We want to improve the apprenticeship system and make it more streamlined and employer friendly.  Your feedback about glitches or ideas for process improvements can help us improve the system for everyone!